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Study of NAIH on the safe and conscious internet use of children
(Promoting legally conscious internet use of children by means of fundamental rights protection measures)
2013 - 2018

Objective of the study:

Awareness raising of children regarding potential risks of internet use, identifying future challenges, promoting the conscious internet use and exercise of rights by means of applying the results of theoretical and practical researches.

Hey You! Listen up!

You may already have met this; however, you might not have thought it over that unluckily the internet may also be used for vicious or harmful purposes:

For instance:

internet bullying (cyberbullying)
sending erotic images (sexting)
internet paedophilia
other abuses with personal data (e.g. phishing, identity theft)


My privacy diary: what happened to my online data in the past week/fortnight/month?

  • In what scope have I disclosed my personal data?

  • Possibly what has another- familiar or unknown - person said or written about me?

  • Have I disclosed my name, phone number or email address to anybody?

  • Have I logged into websites?

  • Have been files down- or uploaded to my PC?

  • Have I used a mobile application on my mobile phone? etc.

Creating a portrait and a profile of a third party

1. By using the diaries collect all available or disclosed data and information on you and/or on a well-known person then create a profile based on it. Evaluate individually whether the online profile provides a true picture of the real person?

2. The second task is to choose a close acquaintance (family member, classmate or a teacher) and create a profile on the respective person by utilizing all online sources (e.g. images uploaded to the internet, marked favourite activities, shared websites, clubs, free time activity etc.). Show this to the person concerned and observe his reactions whether there are information that the person is unwilling to hear or see on himself though previously he shared this information with everywhere.


  • Where to call for help in Hungary?



In what cases?

National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH)
Webpage dedicated for children:
In Hungarian:

In English:

Address: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.
Phone: +36 -1-391-1400,

If I have questions concerning my constitutional rights with regard to data protection or the publicity of data of public interest (freedom of information) or my informational rights have been violated or may be violated.

Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

Children’s rights

Address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 22.
: (06-1-) 475-7100    

Email address dedicated for children:

If the activity or negligence of a public authority violates or may directly violate my fundamental rights.

National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH)

s right
Internetsecurity -roundtable

(available only in Hungarian)

Address : 1133 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 106.
Phone: (06-1) 468 0673

If I want to submit a complaint against telecom SPs (e.g. complaints concerning mobile phone, internet or postal services, reporting of unsolicited electronic advertisements and spams) as well as complaints against media content providers (e.g. complaints concerning TV or radio programmes, so-called downloadable media contents, contents published in written or electronic press and other internet contents).

Internet Hotline

(managed by National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH)

Address: 1015 Budapest,
Ostrom u. 23-25.

Direct reporting interface:

If I want to submit a complaint on illegal or harmful contents that can affect minors it is possible to report them on the site of Internet Hotline ( /tart/index/31/Bejelentes) and in email ( in 9 categories (content disclosed without valid consent, paedophile content, harassment, racist, xenophobe content, violent content, content promoting drug consumption, content fostering terrorist attacks, phishing sites as well as contents perilous to kids).

Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation

Internet security

Address: 1364 Budapest, Pf: 125.
Phone.: +36 1 116-111(helpline) or
+36 1 116 000 (missing children)
+36 1 354 1029 (central)


If I, as a child, feel that I got into trouble, I am bullied online, I found bothering sites or messages or, as a parent, I worry that my kid have had bad experiences on the internet and I wish to resolve the situation discussing it with somebody.

International Child Welfare Service
(available only in Hungarian)

Address: 1066 Budapest
Teréz krt. 24.
Phone: +36 1 475 7000
Fax: +36 1 302 4136

If I wish to deliver a lecture to pupils, teachers, parents or social workers at schools on safer internet use, the large opportunities the internet is offering, on simple and effective methods how to avoid possible risks and threats or I want to be involved in such courses.

Government Incidence Response Centre

Direct reporting interface
(available only in Hungarian)

If I want to submit a complaint on illegal or harmful contents that can affect minors it is possible to report them on the site of Biztonságosinternet Hotline
The main scope of activity encompasses fighting against pedophile contents but we also deal with harassment, racist, violent content, content promoting drug consumption as well as contents disclosed without valid consent. The Centre also holds presentations on awareness raising, primarily at schools.

Contacting   NAIH:

Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (NAIH)
National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Address:  1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.
Phone: +36 -1-391-1400
Fax: +36-1-391-1410

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